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Welcome to the Cliffs of Muscatatuck Park!

New Photos in  Climbing Photos 0, 2, & 7 (February 2nd, 2004)


The park is Indiana's best rock climbing area. The area is not the new Hueco or  Rock Town. Many of the routes are a bit dirty, but it is still good climbing. There is about a half a mile of cliff. The nature of the rock usually gives one distinct route every five to ten feet. Some problems may have a few variations. A few areas are highly featured and yield easy traverses and "warm-ups".

The climbing at the Muscatatuck Park is primarily bouldering.  Top roping is allowed. For those browsers who are not familiar with the term bouldering, we shall explain:

" Bouldering is a form of rock climbing in which no ropes or gear are used because the climber is usually at a safe distance to withstand a fall. Boulderers do bring pads with them these days, to minimize injury potential. The main goal of bouldering is to work on hard problems, to be doing only a few moves, yet the moves are so difficult that it will take repeated attempts to successfully climb the boulder problem." 


Safe, but Rad!


For the average person the idea of bouldering may not seem so  extreme, or interesting compared too other types of climbing. All types of climbing have pros and cons. Bouldering, though, is much more interesting than it may appear and currently is growing in popularity all over the globe. Many of the best climbers in the world have given up their ropes for the bouldering life. Bouldering is pure climbing. Bouldering is fast paced, powerful, and competitively social. Bouldering can also be quite personal as one delves into ones own reserves to muster the mastery to "send" this abstract collection of miniscule holds called .....the boulder problem.     



Names of routes are mostly arbitrarily assigned by the climber who did the first assent. In this case some twenty different individuals from Colorado to Wyoming have made first accents. In no manner are the names used to mean anything in particular and in no manner should they represent the Muscatatuck Park or Jennings County. The name simply is a tool for locating that specific problem. Actually, the names in the bouldering guide are generally not offensive to the average person. We apologize beforehand if any prove to be otherwise.


Climbing is a dangerous activity!




Muscatatuck Park

is being operated as an:

Extreme Sports Area”

An “Extreme Sports Area” is defined by Senate Enrolled Act 0141 within the context of affected citations; IC 34-6-2,IC 34-30-19-5, and all other relevant citations.

All extreme sport users must follow all park rules, including those specifically ordained for each respective “extreme sport”.

Rules for specific extreme sports are posted for public review throughout the park within display cases and are on review at the Park Office/Visitor Center and the Maintenance Office.

The following list of extreme activities is allowed on the grounds of the Muscatatuck Park, yet may cover activities not specifically listed:

 Skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, freestyle bikes,  mountain bikes, snow sleds and other snow devices, hiking, rappelling, climbing, fishing, canoeing, etc.

The above mentioned activities are inherently dangerous and may result in injury, disability, and even death.

All extreme sport users must be using appropriate extreme sport equipment which is listed in detail within the rule manual on review at the Park Office/Visitor Center and at specific extreme sport sites.


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