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Building Rentals

The Park offers many shelters throughout the facility. These are all first come first serve unless they are specifically reserved.
Rental usage is high, so if interested please call in advance.

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Shelter One:
Shelter is 30 by 40. Shelter has water and electric, and is mostly shaded.
Shelter Two:
Shelter is 60 by 40, but can be rented in half or in full. Shelter has water and electricity.
Shelter Three:
Shelter is 20 by 30, has two fire places and was built in 1937 by the WPA/CCC.
Shelter Four:
Shelter is 30 by 40. Shelter has electricity. Large field on two side, open canopy

Shelter Five:
Shelter is 30 by 40, wooden guard rail around entirety, with long ramp.
Shelter Six:
Shelter is 40 by 50, smaller yard, no electricity, but water is around corner.
Vinegar Mill Shelter:
Two story shelter is 20 by 20, supplies one table per level. Picturesque overlook. * River access is always open to public.

Other Shelters:
Canyon Creek:
Smaller stone shelter built 1936, by WPA/CCC. One fire place. Two picnic tables.

Campground: Shelter is 30 by 40. Reserved for paying campers only, on a first come first serve basis.

Muscatatuck Park Shelters Map

All Shelter are $40 (plus tax), except for shelter two which rents in full for $80 (plus tax).

Dining Hall/Community Building

The Muscatatuck Park community building is very popular. Call well in advance. Building is heated, but has no AC. Bathrooms and kitchen (stoves, refrigerator, sink, microwave, prep space) area have recently been upgraded. Tables (15) and chairs available.

Price is $110 for reservation. $100 key/clean-up/damage is due when key is picked up
and will be returned after key is returned and building has been inspected.

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