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Trail Maps:

Muscatatuck Park: Download ~ Updated map of mountain bike trails and hiking trails.

Eco Lake Park: Download ~ Trails built 2009-2010. Developed trails, but currently not marked.

Campground Maps:

Muscatatuck Park: Download ~ Individual sites labeled on for identification (pdf)

Campground Aerial: Download ~ Goggle generated aerial (pdf)

Eco Lake Park: Download ~ ECO Park Phase A Plans (pdf)

Bouldering/Climbing Maps:

Bouldering Area Aerial: Download ~ Aerial overview of Muscatatuck Park Bouldering

General Maps and Aerial Photos:

Muscatatuck Park Shelters 2011: Download ~ Muscatatuck Park with Shelter Identified 2011

Muscatatuck Park Shelters & Buildings: Download ~ Comprehensive Overview of the Muscatatuck Park

Muscatatuck Park: Download ~ Google generated aerial (pdf)

Eco Lake Park: Download ~ Google generated aerial (pdf)


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