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Feeling Extreme?


How 'bout a bouldering session?

The Muscatatuck Park is Indiana's best climbing area. Although Indiana does not boast a great deal of rock climbing venues, the Muscatatuck Park is top-notch bouldering.




To view more photos or for specific information on the bouldering and individual problems check out: 

The Muscatatuck Bouldering Guide



Not one to ROCK, yet you wanna ROLL?


Getting Some Air


The Muscatatuck park is currently working with the DINO (Do Indiana Off- Road) riding group, and the trails are being modified and upgraded. The park will host a five mile loop. The trail will have moderate sections, yet will probably be considered difficult by most rider standards. The DINO  events since 2004 have been held in conjunction with an AMBC event July 2,3, & 4, 2010.   For more information please check our Calendar of Events or contact  or brian10@dinoseries.com


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DINO (Do Indiana Off-Road)


DINO is also the sponsoring group for the "Mission on the Muscatatuck" adventure race. Adventure race for 2004 is May 21st & 22nd. Details for event will be posted in our Calendar of Events section when available.


The Tyrolean Traverse from 2003 "Mission on the Muscatatuck"



Or maybe you rather take a free ride?


The winding Muscatatuck River might be the ticket! This erratic river winds more than any other system in the state. Cliffs, mossy boulders, and some elegant forest land border this Indiana novelty. Please note: water is not always high. The river is very seasonal. It can be a poor ride at the wrong time, or one of the best rides around if you keep an eye on the weather. Call the Jennings County Visitor Center at 800-928-366 or e-mail us here to get an update on current conditions. 

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Orlo Bloomquist Annual Canoe Race 

The race is the 3rd Sunday in April, this year the 20th. For more information please check our calendar of events or contact us here.


Just Do It!


Although there is not a very reliable season for the activity, snow sledding is very popular at the Muscatatuck Park and comes under the jurisdiction of the EXTREME title. Again, check the weather. 



Click to reserve! 

You can now pick out and pay for your campsite or building online. 

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Muscatatuck Park

is being operated as an:

Extreme Sports Area”

An “Extreme Sports Area” is defined by Senate Enrolled Act 0141 within the context of affected citations; IC 34-6-2,IC 34-30-19-5, and all other relevant citations.

All extreme sport users must follow all park rules, including those specifically ordained for each respective “extreme sport”.

Rules for specific extreme sports are posted for public review throughout the park within display cases and are on review at the Park Office/Visitor Center and the Maintenance Office.

The following list of extreme activities is allowed on the grounds of the Muscatatuck Park, yet may cover activities not specifically listed:

 Skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, freestyle bikes, mountain bikes, snow sleds and other snow devices, hiking, rappelling, climbing, fishing, canoeing, etc.

The above mentioned activities are inherently dangerous and may result in injury, disability, and even death.

All extreme sport users must be using appropriate extreme sport equipment which is listed in detail within the rule manual on review at the Park Office/Visitor Center and at specific extreme sport sites.


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